Laura + Mark xx

Oh me, oh my. What a wedding!!! A beautiful church wedding, followed by a festival style reception located next to a canal in rural Buckinghamshire.  Whats even better, is that the bride and groom arrived to their reception by narrowboat, now thats making a grand entrance.


I've known Laura and Mark for a good few years, and these guys were already great friends of mine. We met when we all worked for the ambulance service together. 

My day began meeting up with Mark and the boys as they started getting ready. In typical fashion when lads get ready for a wedding, it was a quick slap of aftershave, a quick spruce of the hair, and on with the suits. I think the whole process lasted less than 15 mins lol. There was plenty of jokes, mainly at Marks expense as his groomsmen prepared him for his big day. 

I next popped across to meet up with Laura and her bridal party. It was such a calm environment, and everyone seemed so chilled out and relaxed. When Laura came down the stairs in her dress, she looked absolutely stunning, forcing a few little tears from he dad, who couldn't have looked more proud of his stunning daughter. 

The church service was lovely and intimate, with everyone packed in to get a view of the gorgeous couple as they say their ''I do's''

As everyone exited the church, there were a few small drops of rain, but not enough to dampen anyones spirits or prevent the couple making their procession to the cars, whilst being pelted with confetti. Mark being the gentleman that he is, ensured the leopard print umbrella ( he worked that style well!!!) was firmly above his head, allowing his new wife hair to get soaked lol. Thankfully it didn't actually rain too hard, so no one really got that wet.

We proceeded down to a small docking by the canal, where I took some portraits of the couple, before they hopped on board the narrowboat to make their grand entrance to their reception venue. 

The boat chugged along for about half a mile before mooring up next to a beautiful, festival styled marquee, situated in a field by the side of the canal. It was such an awesome set up, and really did look beautiful. 

The evening was fun filled with dancing, a rocking band, and a rubber duck race down the canal.

It really was one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to, either as a photographer or as a guest. Laura and Mark pulled out all the stops at this wedding, ensuring that everyone who went had the best day of the summer.


Big loves to you guys